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Entrepreneur’s Profile

Sam Turyatunga has technical skills in Food Science. He has studied Bsc. Food Processing Technology and he has got 2 years experience in the fruit processing sector. He is serial entrepreneur and he is also experienced in other fields of food processing particularly baking.He worked in a family bakery for over 5 years.

Dear visitor.
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the College of Tursam Enterprises Limited, we are a distribution company for Omega Juice products.We have several Fruits Juice Products under the Brand name Uhuru Fruit Juice, These are Uhuru banana Fruit Juice, Uhuru Mango Fruit Juice, Uhuru Pineapple Fruit Juice and Uhuru Cock Tail.

Pulp Fruit juice Product.

Using our Expertise we have led the introduction of a new trend of fruit drinks Production by introducing Pulp Juice Product. With this Product we save your restuarant, Your Home Up to 90% of the time you have been spending to extract ready for consumption table Juice with is raised standard of quality. This is a concetrated extract from all Brand of Our Fruit Juice products. Power is in juice hand to mix the Juice and your prefered time of consumption without any limitation.

We are also committed to employment creation in Uganda and the rest of Africa, by empowering the youth and Women with market on demand Agribusiness value addition skills. We empower Local Farmers from the start of the season to the market place. We give financial support and Agricultural advice on crop production and We still wait at the end of the Turnal to save them the Market Frustration by providing them a sure Market. We buy farmers fruit Products Which we use to produce and organic natural product for the community.

As you will discover from contents of this website, we are working towards continued excellence in the pursuit of transformative knowledge, technology, innovations, skills and services.

Whether your visit to our website is motivated by business, academics or social reasons, as an Agribusiness Entrepreneur, as a student or school leaver, or just someone with Agribusiness and Food Processing, I hope that you can access all the information you require. I encourage you to visit us in person where I know you will encounter a professional and caring attitude from our staff. Please join us in our commitment to Community empowerment, Providing a health and nutritious five star products, and raising our economical and Finacial Standards.
Turyatunga Sam  
Tel:+256 700142891 +256 783344888
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

 TURSAM INVESTMENTS LIMITED'S mission is to ensure quality, innovative and integrity. Our fruit juices are the highest quality, most nutritious fruit products in the great lakes region  because we will accept nothing less. We also do believe that our customers depend on the quality of our juice products.

Contact Us

We run our fruit juice processing cottage business in Nansana, Nansana East II
plot 7668 Block 203, near Hoima road,<br< Kampala, Uganda.

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